10 Reasons to Have a Personal Injury Chiropractor on Your Team

Personal Injury Chiropractor Gilbert, AZ

A personal injury chiropractor plays an important role in overall recovery after an accident. The goal of such treatment is pain relief and adequate healing, enabling a return to routine daily activities as soon as possible. Undergoing evaluation, treatment and care by a personal injury chiropractor gets you off the bench and living your life. 

The following are 10 good reasons to choose a personal injury chiropractor as your partner in care:

#1. Treatment of otherwise invisible injuries:

Seeing a personal injury chiropractor as soon as possible after injury ensures that symptoms such as headache, nausea, pain and dizziness are dealt with, as well as their underlying causes. Visiting a personal injury chiropractor immediately after an injury prevents the frustration of long-term pain and loss of mobility.

#2. Non-invasive treatments

A chiropractor will make non-invasive adjustments to realign the spine, which significantly reduces pain and promotes healing.

#3. Reduction in inflammation

Common injuries, including microscopic tears in muscles and ligaments missed by conventional x-ray diagnostic procedures, are easily assessed and diagnosed by a personal injury chiropractor. Careful manipulations, allowing for realignment in the spinal column, greatly reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

#4. Reduction in scar tissue

Scar tissue resulting from injury can cause range of motion loss and increased pain and discomfort. A personal injury chiropractor uses specialized techniques, targeting damaged areas and breaking up the scar tissue, to aid in faster healing.

#5. Drug-free care and treatment

Care with a personal injury chiropractor provides effective pain relief without the use of addictive drugs or medications. Such care addresses the underlying cause of an injury rather than masking its symptoms.

#6. Reduction of pain throughout the entire body

A personal injury chiropractor adjusts the spine not only to target pain in affected areas but also in an effort to relieve pain throughout the body. These spinal manipulations cause a release in hormones, helping reduce pain and resulting in overall wellness.

#7. Restoration in range of motion 

Inflammation that develops after an injury can greatly restrict and reduce everyday range of motion and activities. Inflammation also slows the healing process. Treatment with a personal injury chiropractor reduces inflammation, increasing blood flow and the transfer of nutrients to injured areas, increasing range of motion.

#8. Long-term health benefits

Treatment with a personal injury chiropractor prevents minor injuries from causing serious and long-term deficits. Seeking treatment immediately after an injury ensures continued relief from chronic and painful conditions.

#9. Ongoing health maintenance

In the wellness phase of treatment planning, a personal injury chiropractor provides routine examinations, including adjustments and aftercare instructions, ensuring a full return to work and play. These home exercises and followup care guarantee a pain-free return to whole body wellness. Care is complete but the results continue indefinitely.

#10. Help with injury claims

A personal injury chiropractor keeps careful records of all visits and writes a detailed report regarding care and treatment. Such documentation is adequate for submittal to employers, insurance companies or attorneys.

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A personal injury chiropractor makes all the difference when it comes to living life versus watching life go by. No one wants to view their life from the sidelines.

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