Cold Laser Therapy in Gilbert, AZ

Low level laser therapy is a non-invasive, fast, and effective method for reducing pain and inflammation.

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Low level laser therapy has been proven in clinical trials to reduce pain, reduce edema, and promote healing.

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Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy

Erchonia cold laser therapy is a revolutionary treatment option for patients seeking all the benefits of healing therapy with minimal risk. Erchonia cold laser is used to enhance tissue recovery and increase the body’s healing speed. This painless and non-invasive solution for acute and chronic pain produces no heat for a comfortable healing experience. During your Erchonia cold laser therapy treatment, photons of light from the laser penetrate deep into the skin to promote biochemical reactions, growth factor activity, and increased blood flow at a rate of over 40 billion photons per second. These photons stimulate the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical in the body that regulates the healing of damaged tissue. Erchonia cold laser therapy helps the body develop and replace collagen and muscle tissue while supporting healthy cell growth.

Erchonia cold laser therapy is a well-documented and effective treatment for chronic pain and has produced widely positive results in double-blind, randomized clinical trials. In most studies, Erchonia cold laser therapy produced results of at least 60% pain reduction in study participants within 2 months of the treatment. Erchonia cold laser therapy has been successful in treating:

Chronic pain
Back pain
Carpal tunnel
Tennis elbow
Shoulder and neck pain
Degenerative joint conditions

The innovative Erchonia cold laser therapy helps patients avoid the risks and side effects of opioids and conventional surgical treatment options by providing a gentler treatment approach to rejuvenating cells and promoting healing. Erchonia cold laser therapy treatments provide muscle relaxation and spasm relief for optimal pain reduction and can be used on patients with metal implants like screws, pins or plates and are also ideal for patients with aversions to adhesives, pads and hands-on treatment because of sensory issues.

Is Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy Right for Me?

Erchonia cold laser therapy holds 14 FDA clearances as a safe and effective laser treatment option. The light from the laser produces no pain or tissue damage and there have been no reports of side effects of adverse reactions to the treatment. Because Erchonia cold laser therapy treatments rely on light therapy, not many people are excluded from the treatment. Our expert staff will evaluate your condition and medical history prior to recommending you for the therapy to ensure your safety and likelihood for positive results.

Patient Success Story

Watch the video below to hear our patient describe his experience with cold laser therapy.

The Research

Published: Foot & Ankle International April 2014
 Authors: James R. Jastifer, MD, Fernanda Catena, MD, Jesse F. Doty, MD, Faustin Stevens, MD, Michael J. Coughlin, MD


This study shows that patients with plantar fasciitis demonstrated an improvement in heel pain after being treated with low-level laser therapy.

Published: Erchonia Corporation study submitted to the FDA and given market clearance January 2002.
 Authors: Erchonia Corporation


This landmark study helped the Erchonia Corporation low level laser to become the first low level laser of any kind to be approved by the FDA.

Published: Erchonia Corporation study submitted to the FDA and given market clearance January 2002.
 Authors: Erchonia Corporation


Pain relief and improvement in range of motion for patients with chronic pain in the neck and shoulder areas originating from the conditions of osteoarthritis, muscle spasms and cervical and thoracic spine strain.

Choosing Gilbert Physical Medicine

At Gilbert Physical Medicine, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and effective treatment technology and the Erchonia cold laser therapy treatment is the most well researched and effective laser therapy treatment option available. Each session is quick and conveniently based on your schedule and healing needs. Our patient-focused staff will devise a customized care plan to help you achieve your health goals and eliminate chronic pain.

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