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Gilbert Physical Medicine has effective solutions to relieve foot and ankle pain and treat conditions such plantar fasciitis.

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Foot and Ankle Pain

Pain in the feet or ankles can be hard to ignore. Our feet and ankles are essential to mobility and stable movements and when issues arise in these areas swift and effective action is needed to continue normal function. The bones and joints in our feet and ankles are complex so pinpointing the source of your pain is essential to helping to determine a diagnosis. Any of these following symptoms in your feet or ankles should be addressed as soon as possible:

Grinding, clicking and popping when walking
Sharp pains in the heel, foot or toes

Our feet and ankles sustain a large amount of shock and pressure each day, so they are unsurprisingly vulnerable to many conditions that can plague the bones, joints, and tissues there. Foot and ankle pain can strike at any age no matter the level of physical activity.

Is Regenerative Medicine Right for My Foot and Ankle Pain?

Maintaining the health of your feet and ankles can be essential to your independence and quality of life so you need a treatment that will work to correct underlying issues and reduce chronic pain without side effects and a long recovery. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy works with your body’s natural healing capability to restore and repair your foot and ankle health while regulating inflammation and relieving pain. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy is non-surgical and non-invasive. The treatment requires no painful downtime while you heal and is free from dangerous side-effects. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy is a holistic therapy that focuses on long-term results to get you out of pain and back to your life.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that stretches from the toes to the heel on the underside of the foot. Plantar fasciitis occurs when this tissue becomes inflamed. Plantar fasciitis is an extremely painful condition and is the common source of heel pain complaints. Untreated plantar fasciitis can lead to painful bony growths on the heel bone called bone spurs. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include:

Stabbing pain in the foot
Worsening pain in the mornings or after rest
Increased pain when standing for prolonged periods.

Plantar fasciitis can be the result of wearing improper footwear or strenuous physical activity. A misaligned gait from spinal issues can also lead to the development of the condition. Runners are at high risk for plantar fasciitis and should always be on the lookout for symptoms. Your risk for plantar fasciitis also increases with age. The condition is a common diagnosis in patients over the age of forty.

Is Regenerative Medicine Right for My Plantar Fasciitis?

Foot pain is debilitating so treatments that require downtime and long painful recoveries are not ideal for addressing plantar fasciitis. Efforts to manage the pain of plantar fasciitis with pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication fall short because the relief from pain is temporary and requires repeated doses on a daily basis. Surgery for plantar fasciitis involves removing a portion of the plantar fascia to reduce tension and pressure. The procedure is invasive and painful and can put you off your foot for up to months after the surgery. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy addresses the pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis without invasive treatment. Amniotic Regenerative Cell Therapy is a non-surgical approach to plantar fasciitis treatment that focuses on healing, holistically for patients seeking a drug-free, safe and effective treatment.

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