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PRP regenerative therapy uses the body's natural healing potential to reduce pain and speed healing. Professional athletes have been using this therapy for years to recover from injuries. Now, this exciting therapy can help patients find pain relief and regain mobility and function.

PRP regenerative therapy is available in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding area. At Gilbert Physical Medicine, we use this therapy to help patients heal from injuries and surgery and improve conditions like arthritis. Call 480-545-0000 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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    PRP Regenerative Therapy Explained

    Human blood contains platelets, red and white blood cells, and plasma, the liquid part of blood made of water and protein. Platelets not only cause blood to clot but also play an instrumental role in healing. Practitioners can isolate the platelets and make platelet-rich plasma, a plasma preparation with a high concentration of platelets. When injected into the treatment area, researchers believe the platelet-rich plasma breaks down and triggers the body's healing process. Though the full mechanism is not completely understood, PRP regenerative appears to aid in pain relief and injury healing.

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    Conditions Treated

    Practitioners have used PRP therapy in surgery, wound, and injury healing for years. Professional athletes have undergone this therapy, and manycredit PRP with being them being able to return to competition more quickly. In addition, though research is ongoing, PRP therapy has showed promise in the treatment of the common condition osteoarthritis.

    In addition to helping those with osteoarthritis, Gilbert Physical Medicine uses PRP regenerative therapy to help patients with the following:

    • Knee and hip joint conditions
    • Ligament damage
    • Rapid recovery from surgery
    • Tendon damage

    PRP regeneration therapy is an exciting new treatment with potential in healing and even anti-aging medicine.

    Benefits of PRP Regenerative Therapy

    PRP regenerative therapy may speed up healing so patients can return to regular activities sooner. Patients can experience improved mobility and a decrease in pain. In addition, PRP therapy is minimally invasive and appears to have few adverse effects. Platelet Rich Plasma is autologous,meaning it contains substances that comes from the patient’s own body. This lowers the risk of an allergic reaction.

    Who is a Candidate

    Though side effects appear minimal, this treatment is still being researched and may not be right for all patients. Current research suggests younger patients in the early stages of osteoarthritis who have already tried other treatments are a good fit for PRP regenerative therapy. This therapy is not recommended for severe cases of osteoarthritis.

    Also, those with cancer, a low platelet count or abnormal platelets, those who are pregnant, and those with active infections should not have PRP therapy. Side effects though rare can include infection, nerve injuries, tissue damage, and pain at the injection site. As with any treatment, our team must thoroughly evaluate the patient, including medical history, medications, and current conditions.

    The Treatment

    Gilbert Physical Medicine conducts this treatment under strict protocol and standards to protect the safety of our patients. We take a sample of blood from the patient and process it to make the platelet-rich plasma in a procedure that takes about 15 minutes. Then, a practitioner may numb the injection site with a local anesthetic. The entire procedure usually concluded in under 90 minutes.

    Patients should eat and hydrate before because the procedure will involve a blood draw. The practitioner may tell the patient to avoid certain supplements and medication before the procedure. After the procedure, the patient may feel some tenderness at the injection site. However, this should be mild and easily managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

    The results vary from patient to patient. The effectiveness of PRP regenerative therapy depends on the treatment area, the patient's health, the type of injury, and other factors. Some of our patients notice improvements quickly, but it can take several weeks for treatment to start working.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is PRP regenerative therapy safe?

    Though all procedures come with some risk, the risk with PRP therapy is minimal. We exercise caution in deciding who we recommend the treatment to. In addition, we administer the treatment under strict safety guidelines.

    How much does treatment cost?

    The cost depends on several factors, including the number of sessions, the injury, and the location of the treatment area. Each of our patients receives a customized treatment plan. Therefore, it is difficult to give an estimate of treatment cost without reviewing one’s case.

    What can PRP therapy treat?

    PRP regenerative therapy may relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility and flexibility in the treatment area. It is highly effective in speeding up the healing of sports injuries and healing post-surgery. We also use PRP therapy to treat knee and hip conditions, some cases of osteoarthritis, ligament damage, and tendon damage.

    How long has PRP therapy been around?

    PRP has been around in some capacity since the 1970s, when it was in use in specific cases such as a blood transfusion for individuals with low blood count. The 1980s and 1990s saw the beginning of its use for speeding healing after surgery. Since then, it has expanded to many areas of medicine, from hair growth and cosmetic procedures to healing sports injuries to treating osteoarthritis.

    Does health insurance cover PRP regenerative therapy?

    PRP therapy is relatively new. We suggest everyone check with their insurance provider for the specifics of their plan. However, it has been our experience that insurance companies do not cover this form of therapy. However, our staff may be able to advise you on other ways of paying for this treatment if we feel it will be beneficial for you.

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