Integrative Medicine and Pain Management in Gilbert, AZ

Once a diagnosis is made regarding your condition we use the most conservative approaches necessary to help your body acheive maximum healing and improved function. By merging what used to be considered, “alternative medicine” and “traditional medicine”, we are able to provide a revolutionary new form of healthcare.

Our treatments are aimed at improving your body’s ability to function at its best and without pain! We also realize that while pain medications may be needed, they do not fix the underlying cause of the problem and are best used on a short-term basis.

Our pain management services are procedural in nature, meaning that we are working to address the exact cause of the problem and not merely prescribe a drug to mute a symptom.

These are exciting times in healthcare and we look forward to helping you be your best!


I have had a fabulous experience with Gilbert Physical Medicine. They are so family...and very professional. I love having multiple modalities, both in western and eastern medicine, available for healing and health. I finally found what I was looking for to support wellbeing. Thank you!

Gilbert Physical Medicine

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