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Live a healthier lifestyle so you can reduce pain and improve healing.

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There may be certain activities that you should avoid or do differently to prevent yourself from unintentionally aggravating your particular health challenges.

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Lifestyle Advice

Making the decision to take control of your health and learn to live better with chronic pain is not easy and that’s why at Gilbert Physical Medicine we offer the Lifestyle Advice and support you need to manage your health and wellness. Our Lifestyle Advice program is centered around helping you to manage your life and body holistically while working towards clear goals. Living with chronic pain is an enormous challenge but a strong support team can help you deal with both your daily obstacles and long-term wellness plans. Our expert staff takes a whole-body holistic approach to health management with a network of positive health guidance including:

Stress management
Mental support
Goal setting
Tools to track and organize your health plan

We understand that reaching your optimal health is a marathon, not a sprint and at Gilbert Physical Medicine we are here to help you find balance with positive improvement of the way you currently manage your health. With expert guidance, you are more likely to be successful in managing your pain and have the confidence to take steps to change how you feel each day. Living with chronic pain you know that almost every aspect of your life is affected by your pain level intensity each day. Chronic pain takes over your mind as well as your body and it’s easy to feel out of control. The Lifestyle Advice program can help you feel more grounded with careful planning, organization, and real solutions.

Is Lifestyle Advice Right for Me?

If you are living with chronic pain or a chronic condition and you want to feel better about how you’re managing on a daily basis, Lifestyle Advice is the perfect opportunity to help you reach that goal. The purpose of the Lifestyle Advice program is the help you make positive health and wellness changes for real results. We help you identify and break through the barriers holding you back from your optimal health and wellness living. Most people are more likely to stick to positive changes when they have support and positive encouragement, the Lifestyle Advice program helps to improve your chances of remaining focused on your goals.

Choosing Gilbert Physical Medicine

We successfully find effective holistic alternative treatments for patients every day and our expert team is highly experienced in helping patients reach their goals and manage their pain. At Gilbert Physical Medicine you will find a network of support, expertise and solution-based care to address your health concerns. We provide the advice and tools you need to move forward happier and in control. We are dedicated to helping you develop sustainable improvements and behavior changes to live your best life.

Contact us today to discuss your health goals and chronic pain and find out how we can help with the Lifestyle Advice program. Call us now at (480) 500-6145 to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists.

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