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High frequency vibration is extremely effective at increasing blood flow and easing up tight muscles and connective tissue, promoting ease of movement in your everyday tasks or bettering your time on race day.

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Rapid Release Muscle Therapy

Rapid Release Muscle Therapy is a targeted treatment that uses high-speed vibration technology to release tension and restrictions from muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to relieve pain. This non-invasive treatment produces rapid results and reduces pain as soon as seconds after the therapy. When our muscles sustain injury or become overused, they develop scar tissue or adhesions that can cause nerves to be restricted and limit mobility. Scar tissue is a normal factor of the body’s response protocol for dealing with injuries, but scar tissue has no blood flow because it doesn’t have access to blood vessels. Because of this, over time scar tissue can become tough, brittle and restrictive. Rapid Release Muscle Therapy uses a hand-held device to deliver high-frequency compression waves across the skin in a non-invasive treatment to break up the rough scar tissue while leaving healthy muscle tissue undisturbed. Rapid Release Muscle Therapy is a highly effective treatment that has been proven successful in treating:

Pain in the neck, shoulders, and legs
Carpal tunnel
Muscle spasms
Tennis elbow
Pinched nerves
Frozen shoulder
Plantar fasciitis
Myofascial pain syndrome

Rapid Release Muscle Therapy works on acute and chronic muscle pain and initiates your body’s tonic vibration reflex to release tension and spasms. This treatment uses a class one FDA cleared device and can be completed quickly and conveniently.

Is Rapid Release Muscle Therapy Right for Me?

Rapid Release Muscle Therapy works well for both patients seeking minor pain relief after a strenuous workout or taxing physical activity and patients suffering from chronic and acute pain. The versatile treatment is a drug-free, non-surgical answer for patients looking to relieve the tension caused by scar tissue and adhesions without any risky side effects. Rapid Release Muscle Therapy is painless and requires no downtime post-treatment. There have been no adverse reactions reported for this holistic therapy and patients appreciate the convenience of this time saving revolutionary treatment. If you’re experiencing tension, pain and tightness in your muscles or unexplained joint pain, Rapid Release Muscle Therapy could be the approach to get you back on track with increased mobility and healthier muscles.

Choosing Gilbert Physical Medicine

At Gilbert Physical Medicine, our specialists use careful diagnostic testing and analysis to determine the best way to relieve your muscle pain. Rapid Release Muscle Therapy is a safe and effective treatment option that works with your schedule to achieve your health goals. Our patient-focused staff will devise a customized care plan to optimize your Rapid Release Muscle Therapy treatments for the best opportunity for results and can combine the therapy with our other holistic treatments if necessary, to help you live pain-free.

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